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private sales

FREE LISTING of your vehicle with CarKey - S.A.'s newest and hottest online autoguide.

Placing a listing is simple and it is FREE:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on register - you will be taken to a registration page where you will need to give us some information on yourself so we get to know you a little better.
  3. Register your details
  4. You can then login as a valued user of our system on the homepage at anytime to view your ^\my account status.

    - NOTE: You are classified as a private seller if you are selling 3 cars or less a year.
  5. Once you have logged in you will need to load the vehicle information on the car that you are looking to sell - To do this click on the my account option.
  6. Please enter as much information as you can as we would like our buyers to get the full picture before contacting you. When describing your vehicle always state the features whether extras or standard. People buy a vehicle for many different reasons, so try to paint a word picture of value for money.

  7. Talking about pictures , well the old adage goes ^\A picture can tell a 1000 words^] and for good reason, we need you to take 5 pictures of the vehicle before loading it -
    • Front
    • Back
    • Interior
    • Left and Right side, if you have any damage we suggest you take a photo of that as well to show the extent !

  8. Simply submit once completed and consider it sold.
  9. Once your car has been sold, simply login to the my account option and click the sold button.

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